Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Public Enemies Columbus Merchandise

We had lots of ghouls and goblins in our family this year for Halloween. There was one witch, a pirate, and two creatures!! The weather was cold and very windy this year so we only stayed out about an hour. The grandkids still had a great time and
got lots of treats.


Madeline said...

They are so cute! See...everyone else gets the kids dressed up in time to take pics during the daylight. I NEED to do that!

Susan Stringfellow said...

awesome costumes! And a perfect setting for photos.

shellmeisters said...

The GKs look really great in their costumes!!

Robin said...

Great costumes! I am glad 4 of the grandkids still wanted to go out!! It was chilly here too and Shanyn got tired early.