Thursday, March 13, 2008

Week six-write about my age and what I want by the next year

Week six's assignment was to write about my age and
to put down what plans/hopes I want by the time I'm
a year older.

Week five-favorite drink

Week five's challenge was to write about our favorite drink. Here's

Week four challenge-My Quirks

The challenge for week four was to write about my quirks; five things I must do
and five things I won't do. This is the page I came up with.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Third week challenge for About Me journal

The third week's challenge for the About Me journal was to write about our
name; if we were named after someone, why we were named as we were. I asked
my dad about the story behind my name; Susan Lynn, and he said they both just
liked the name. That I was the first "S". So that's how I came up with this

About Me

The second week of our "About Me" journal challenge was to write about our
resolutions or desires for 2008. I didn't make any resolutions this year, but
I did have some desires that I wanted to work toward. This is the page I did
for this challenge. One of my "goals", to submit more layouts to magazines,
has been happening and one has already been picked up!!

About Me

One of the groups I'm in has been posting a challenge each week for a journal
about "Me". The first week we were to do the cover of our journal. This is what
I came up with. I think all of the bits and pieces help to define who I am.