Sunday, April 13, 2008

Inchies swap letter S

I've joined an alphabet inchies swap. These have become quite the rage! I don't think making 26 the same is the way to start your inchies experience, so I can't say that I've caught the "bug" yet, but here's what I did with the letter "S". I will be fair and try making inchies again; next time the more traditional one at a time way!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Fears

Week eleven's assignment was to write about our fears. I don't fear many things; but my one greatest fear is to become a burden to my family. With modern medicine people are living much longer; but far too many require care in later life.

Week Ten

For week ten we were to chose one or two people (dead or alive) that we would like to have dinner with and describe what our conversation would be like. There are a few people that came to mind; Johnny Depp, Abraham Lincoln, a survivor from the Titanic. But I finally decided on dining with God. I know some day I'll have this conversation!

Favorite Color

For week nine we were to write about our favorite color; why it's our favorite and where we use it. This one took two pages!

Week eight

Week eight's assignment was to write about our favorite place to go to eat. That was easy! Every Saturday and Sunday morning we go to Larson's Family Restaurant for breakfast. We sometimes go for dinner too; but they have the best blueberry pancakes anywhere! And that's Larry's favorite!

More about me

My goodness; where DOES the time go?? It doesn't seem that long ago that I posted my About Me pages; but I've finished six more weeks worth since then! Well, actually, I had a couple more completed when I posted the first ones, but didn't have time to add them then. SO, here we go with the next one! Week seven was to write about my purse; and it's contents. I need a big purse! I am not a shoe person; but I love purses!