Sunday, November 30, 2008

Public Enemies Columbus Merchandise

One of my Yahoo groups is doing a "Believe" card banner swap. Seven of us are each
doing one of the seven letters in the word believe in the traditional Christmas red and green (seven the same). We will end up with one of each of the letters (done like a card) that we can sit on a mantle or hang. This is my letter "E".

One of the girls didn't see that the cards were supposed to be done in red and green; she did seven of the letter "E" in blue and silver. I told her that the colors I decorate in for Christmas are blue and silver. So she is sending me three of her "E"s, I made two of each of the letters "B", "L", and "V" (one for each of us) and we are each making a letter "I" and a decorative card for at the beginning and end. Here are the cards I made. I'll post another picture of the finished banner when I receive the three "E"s from my friend Robin.

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