Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Good Day of Fishing

I have to share this photo of my grandson with two large bass he caught while fishing with grandpa (grandma was painting at the Amtrack Station in Columbus while they were having fun).

Clean up continued

The top photo shows me painting a mildew retarding paint on the lower portion of the playroom walls; in case we missed any while cleaning with bleach. Hopefully we'll have everything back in good order soon. The insurance adjuster arrives this week and we are to apply to FEMA too.

Clean up

We suffered some damage due to all of the rains we received too. What we thought was only a small amount of water coming in through cracks in the cement block wall in a closet area of our basement (daycare) turned into a BIG mildew problem. It crawled under linoleum, carpet and a partition and we had to throw out the carpet in the playroom, the linoleum and floor cabinets in the kitchen area and tear out the wall that separated the two rooms. Here are a couple of photos of how it looked after we
eliminated all of the mildew problem.

More of what's been happening

That top photo is in my neighbor's back yard; he had just put the pier in days before the rains started!
Another thing that I've been doing is keeping up on a blog that started when the filming of Public Enemies started in Columbus. I've met some great new friends through the blog and a call for volunteers to help paint the Amtrack Station yesterday brought out 17 people to spend the day painting this "entry way" to the city. I helped for a while and had a great time too. There was even free pizza provided by the station for lunch!

So much has been happening..............

So much has been happening here lately that I haven't had time to add anything to my blog. I don't usually post photos; only finished layouts, but I'd like to share some of the things that have taken up my time lately. The first photos are of some of the
places in Beaver Dam that were flooded (along with half of the midwest) recently.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Give away

My friend, Donalda is giving away some eye candy and I want a chance to win!! So here's the link to here blog. Go check it out and see how you can have a chance at the prize package too!!