Friday, August 22, 2008

More scrapping

I'm loving that I've had time to scrap some more! I've been working on some challenges from one of my groups and really trying to get through some of the photos I have from the last five years! Here are a few of my latest creations. The blue heart in this first one is not attached to the layout; I placed it there for internet purposes.

This one was for a challenge to do a layout without a picture.

This is the first two pages of seven done with pictures from when the Circus World Museum's train came through Beaver Dam five years ago.I cut a clear pocket from a page protector and stitched it over the "white" space of the panoramic photo to hold the brochure.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I've Been Scrapping!

I've had time to do some scrapping recently and have been able to do some
layouts for challenges at one of my groups. I'm only 5 years behind with
my photos!! At this rate, I'll never be able to die!
Here are some of the most recent ones. They aren't all masterpieces, but
I've been having so much fun being able to scrap again that it doesn't

A Couple of layouts

Monday, August 4, 2008

Little Bohemia Resort

I finally got Larry to take me on a little vacation. We took a four hour drive to Manitowish Waters, WI. to see the Little Bohemia Resort. John Dillinger and his gang hid out at the resort and there was a shoot out with FBI agents. Bulletholes from the shootout can still be seen today! This is the front of the building.
This is the current bar room. It was added in 1936; after the Dillinger gang stayed at the resort.
Hubby pointing to a wall that is riddled with bulletholes. The glass display case he is standing by normally displays a number of Dillinger items.
This is one of the seats from the Biograph Theater in Chicago where Dillinger was
shot and killed. It is on loan to the Little Bohemia Resort. A large glass case next to where this seat stands normally displays a large number of Dillinger memorabilia including guns and a bulletproof vest. These items are currently traveling with the film company.
Several newspaper articles on the Dillinger gang are framed in the entry of the resort.
One of several windows that still display the bullet holes. The original glass is now sandwiched between two other panes of glass.
The rear door of the diningroom that the Dillinger gang were in when the shooting began. There are bullet holes in the glass of the door and the window next to it. Dillenger and his gang escaped through this door and ran into the woods and along the lake.
This shows the drop to the lake. Dillinger ran out the back door and down this embankment and then ran north along the lake.
Bullet holes are still visible in the windows, the cedar walls of the building,
and here in the chimney of the fireplace that is in the diningroom that was riddled.
This wall is in the diningroom that John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and the rest of the gang were dining in the night of the shoot out. You can see all of the bulletholes that were left more than 70 years ago.