Monday, February 9, 2009

Public Enemies Columbus Merchandise

I started a new tradition for Christmas three years ago. Instead of buying a lot of
gifts for the kids and grandkids (things that they play with for a couple of days and then toss aside) we take everyone (14 of us) to one of the motels with an indoor waterpark in the WI. Dells for a weekend. We rent a three bedroom condo. For the first night there I take a couple of dishes that are favorites of everyone (my barbecued wieners and ham pasta salad). Saturday night we usually go out to eat. This year we tried a new motel; the Chula Vista. Our condo was very spacious and gorgeous! Here are a couple of photos of the great room (notice the jacuzzi and fireplace).

Here is a picture of Larry and me on the Lazy River at the waterpark.

And here are some of the grandkids having a blast in the waterpark.

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