Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Public Enemies Columbus Merchandise

My birthday was last week. At my age (59!??) I can't say that I "celebrated" it; but
I'm glad they keep coming! LOL The funny thing is that my brain doesn't accept that
I'm this old! Most days I don't feel nearly 60! And I guess that's good. Especially
working with children as I do. I thought I'd share a couple pictures from my birthday. The first one is with the few kids that were here that day. We had chocolate cupcakes!

My hubby took me to a wonderful restaurant for dinner on my birthday. They are a bit
out of the way, so we don't go there often; only for special occasions. We both ordered their most popular dish which is a Chinese dish (they also serve American
food). I asked our waitress to take this picture.

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