Thursday, September 25, 2008

Topsy Turvy

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No matter how good my intentions are to post more often, here I am
once again finally finding time to add a couple of things. My daughter
and her husband had to make an emergency flight to Arizona last week;
her mother in law passed away after a brave three year battle with cancer.
So I've been keeping the daycare running mostly by myself which of course
meant no time to create or post. I'd like to thank my son for filling in
both with caring for his sister's four kids; running them to their respective
schools, picking them up and taking them to their football practices and
games, and helping them with their homework and with helping me with the
daycare for a few hours each day. I surely couldn't have done my job if
he weren't there to do all of the other things.
Here are a couple of layouts that I did before all of this occured; but
didn't find time to photograph and post before. Hopefully I can get back
to creating very soon. This first layout is of my grandson, Levi, doing a
snappy dance routine.

This second layout is of my daughter Heather. She and I have been doing daycare together for twelve years. Even spending 8-10 hours together Monday through Friday,
we usually spend much of Saturday together too (shopping) and attend church together on Sundays.

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