Friday, September 5, 2008

Memory Tag

Public Enemies Columbus Merchandise

I got this idea from Madeline's blog and thought it might be fun to try it here too.
The idea is to leave a comment about something that you remember of/with me. Something we've done together, or how we "met" (in person or online). If you have a
blog of your own, add this memory game to yours too and see how many memories you


Susan Stringfellow said...

hey - I have a silly memory and its because I was cleaning up my ATCs yesterday! Remember our first ATC swap when you made me that really hot JD ATC??? I had totally forgotten that we swapped but apparently your fibers on that ATC have made it a particular favorite of Savvys because I found it on the floor with about 6 others next to his bed. LOL! You certainly cant help but smile when you look at something like that.

Madeline said...

As another "extremepuzzleartist" you have sure gone the extreme and created that absolutely gorgeous canvas collage for the Columbus Amtrak Station. A project that would have intimidated me, you handled with ease. Even though I could offer NOTHING in the way of helpful advice, it was so much fun to share in your excitement as it progressed from idea to reality.